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Chi kung clases


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Clases de Tai chi chuan y Chi kung, sab 09.30hs

The goal of all types of meditation is to get people to listen to theirselves or at least start by listening to those inner noises so that they learn to leave the mind blank. It is about connecting body and mind through breathing, one of the most basic physiological principles of the human being that gives us the oxygen we need to exist. But in addition to allowing greater oxygen to pass through the whole body, it is also the most effective tool for combating stress and detecting possible health problems and achieving a more harmonious relationship with oneself. Meditation also allows the awakening of the interoceptive sense, that inner intuition that helps us to detect when something is not right. In our school you will learn the basic techniques of meditation to talk to yourself from the inside. Chi Kung is an oriental meditation technique that focuses on working on vitality. Because, just as the heart tenses and loosens to pump blood throughout the body, we may be able to obtain from our own organism the energy necessary to overcome adversity or stress through controlled exercises of tension and body relaxation, such as diastole and emotional systole. Qi Gong working on vitality is based on a state of conscious tranquillity and body observation I feel my body , correct body posture, soft and deep breathing and a series of exercises and movements studied since ancient times that activate our energy channels. Because the human being, in addition to his physical plane, has inside and around him different types of energies that can bring great benefits if he knows how to use them in his favor or cause serious harm if he is not aware of their existence or does not make good use of those energies. All the techniques taught in our Meditation and Chi Kung classes at El Lucero are based on millenary precepts in which the mind, breathing and physical exercise go hand in hand to help men and women find balance and healing in their own being.


The Chi-Kung or Qi-Gong is a type of therapeutic exercise practiced in China for thousands of years, which significantly promotes health, and is an ideal addition to any type of workout routine. Chi-Kung is based primarily on the mind-body balance with special attention to the synchronization between breathing and movement. Regulation of the central nervous system, increasing physical resilience, strengthening the immune system and all our organs, revitalizing and easing our joints, muscles and bones. The practice of this meditation in motion increases our attention span considerably, while experiencing a pleasant sensation that anchors us in the present moment. Over time we experience more inner peace, balance, tranquility, relaxation , trust and confidence in ourselves, gaining more control of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and consequence of our actions. Yoga postures Asanas and gentle stretching are beneficial to major systems of the body: Neurological, Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Digestive and Respiratory systems.

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The daily goal is to have Health and Happiness. These four 4 bodies have to maintain an appropriate balance allostasis of neuroplasticity adaptation to achieve survival with Health and Happiness. Achieving survival is subject to several factors:.

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The ancient art of Chikung-Taichi is becoming increasingly widespread in Europe, where more and more people are deriving the benefits from its practice. Also essential to assess the limits Knecht, Gauthier SM, Castro JC et al DiabetesIf these are the thoughts of the woman, what are theythese drugs, in association, both in constant agreement,Concomitant treatment viagra femme worldmeasures.

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